Other Services

As well as designing and installing fire suppression systems across the UK, we can also help with servicing, repairs and room integrity testing.

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– Servicing –

Whether we installed your fire safety system or not, we can arrange for one of our experienced engineers to complete a one off service or alternatively we can set up an annual service plan to suit your needs.

– Room integrity testing –

Room integrity testing checks whether a room or enclosure, where the fire suppression system has been or is to be installed, is adequately sealed. If a room is inadequately sealed this can allow the fire suppression agent to escape too quickly, before it has time to cool or extinguish the fire. On the other hand If the room is sealed too tightly , the gaseous fire suppressant could actually cause internal structural damage to the enclosure when activated, so it’s important to ensure that the integrity of the room is adequate.

– Repairs –

If your fire suppression system breaks or requires repairs give us a call and we can come and take a look at it for you.